Idyllwild in Early Spring Feels a Little Like Gambling

Idyllwild Weather, “Betting on the Come”

“Betting on the come” is derived from a gambling expression. It means you don’t have what you want or need now, but you are betting or hoping you will have it when the time comes. 

Creek-Side cabin looking up from Marion Creek.

Idyllwild in early spring feels a little like gambling. You want to head up to the mountains, hoping for snow, but you never know if the dealer will cooperate. 

Georgia Chakos and I feeling lucky.

Rain in San Diego usually indicates that the dice might be hot. We called a friend in town and asked about their cabin’s availability. Then we doubled down and decided to head up for four days. Idyllwild is about a two and a half hour drive north and east from Coronado.

My daughter Sasha packing a snowball.

Lady luck smiled on us; we arrived with a fair amount of snow already on the ground. Our kids got in several sledding runs, made snow angels, and threw snowballs. A cozy fire greeted them inside when they grew wet and tired. 

This woodburning heater was the focal point of our stay.

Day one, and we were already winning. Were the next three days going to be a gamble? The answer is no. Whenever you spend time in the mountains, you leave on top regardless of the weather. The fresh air and a healthy dose of nature will flip the script on whatever ales you. Idyllwild has a lot to offer. 

The town is a short walk downhill from “Creek-Side,” our rented cabin. Cafes, shops, and a handful of restaurants are a pleasant distraction but not necessary with a set up like this one. As they say in Vegas, the house always wins, and this cabin “is so money baby, you don’t even know it.” 

Marion Creek can be heard and seen from the cabin’s two decks. That makes time on the porch swing or hammock a welcome respite from the city’s noise. I can shop and eat out anytime; the easy money is just staying put.

Marion Creek at cocktail hour.

Besides the two decks, small nooks and spaces exist throughout the main floor, so you can do puzzles or play games. The ample space allows everyone to spread out and do whatever fills their cup; no one has to tread on anyone else’s space. 

View off the main deck, it doesn’t get much better.

Creekside sleeps ten comfortably. Downstairs there is a bunk room and a separate bedroom with a full-size bed. The upstairs has three rooms, two with queen size beds and one with twins. The cabin has three bathrooms and a dining room table that seats ten. Bring the family and some friends.

Bunk room bottom floor of Creekside cabin.

The town has several note-worthy restaurants; the closest, Café Aroma, is a short 7-minute walk. Mama’s Egg House is a fun breakfast spot, and Ferro offers “elevated Italian.”  

The Idyllwild Brew Pub has an excellent lineup of craft beers, but the real selling point is the covered deck. It is wide open with a feel of being in the trees, cool and comfortable in summer, with cozy heaters and a fireplace for winter. Town is nice but the real fun is staying put and cooking some fun meals in the cabin.

Two New York Strips getting basted with butter garlic and thyme.

Creekside is a real find, regardless of the season. Fall fun features cool weather with falling leaves. Winter welcomes toasty fires and a dusting of snow if you are lucky. Just remember, this is California; anything can happen. We just got snow, and it is spring. 

Idyllwild also offers endless trails for hiking. I look forward to experiencing the other seasons and seeing what magic this property can create. 

The cabin belongs to the Cade family, who live in town. If the name sounds familiar, it should. Alex Cade is the man behind Coronado’s Lacrosse Dynasty

You can reserve your Idyllwild experience through Vrbo, Creek-Side Cabin.

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